The wiring and switches of this structure

These are quite popular around the world for their long life and exceptional look.



Optimum quality double skinned pressed steel main doors can be found in this structure.


The walls are composed of 2 mm thick GI sheets. The inner surface is finished with special 6mm PVC sheets for added protection. Also, these have thick marine-ply / fibre board or Dura board bases, which have a long service life.


The roof top is made of 2 mm thick steel sheets that bear overlaps on all sides. These are built in a manner so as to maintain cooler temperatures inside even without the use of air-conditioners. Moreover, these have a number of doors and windows, so as to give proper ventilation. For preventing any ingress of water, the steel sheets are CO2 welded.


The wiring and switches of this structure is ISI marked. Concealing the wires gives a better impression. These are also facilitated with air-gaps for protection and enhanced durability against water &wholesale PVC Layflat Hose38; acidic reactions. Based in Pune, India, our company is able to deliver high-quality portable buildings at excellent prices to all destinations worldwide.

Portable Conference Rooms

High-quality Portable Conference Rooms are being offered by us at highly reasonable prices. For dispersal of foul air, louvered ventilators are also attached.. Years of experience, expertise and skill along with modern facilities, equipment and technology has given shape to extraordinary products to meet standard specifications. Having proper insulation, these are also facilitated with godrej cylindrical latches and door closers. Also, the creation of air-gaps between the sheet &Wholesale Aluminum Coupling38; the insulation further reduces the entry of outside heat. In addition, the inner doors of the toilet blocks are made of PVC for durability against water # & acids. The cavities are filled with special density thick insulation for temperature control. is a leading manufacturer of new, multi-purpose portable buildings. Moreover, these have solid and sturdy frames, which have resistance against external factors like moisture and heat. These also have aluminum powder coated aldrops for added safety and protection.


These are made of heavy duty channel & angle grids to give rigidity. Also, there are MCBs & ELCBs for added safety. Ltd. We are engaged in offering a modern range of Conference Rooms. In addition, air-conditioning units can be erected if # the need arises. This is carried out by a special technique involving special roof cooling systems. Our conference rooms can be erected within a short time and preferred by newly launched firms facing time shortages. The bottom of the roof is made up of pre-laminated boards and the cavities are filled with special density thick insulation to maintain cooler temperatures. Weather shades are offered on top of the outer doors for enhancing their service life. We also attach louvered exhaust fans for elimination of foul air in the toilet area. There is also the provision of a main inlet plug adapter for efficient & leak-proof flow of current.


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Supreme Mobil House Pvt. Homogenous anti-scratch PVC carpets are also laid over the marine ply or Dura board